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How do we live our lives in the face of massive upheaval?

How do societies repair themselves after moments of fundamental change, and how do social fabrics mend after episodes of destruction?​

These questions spur my historical curiosity: the ways in which people have experienced, understood, and shaped the major changes in their world. ​​​​​​  


My book, A People’s Reformation: Building the English Church in the Elizabethan Parish, is now available. Rather than examining the destruction of the early decades of the Reformation, this project focuses instead on the complicated and ideologically-charged process of creation: the building of new institutions, ideas, identities, and ideologies in the post-Reformation church. At its core, this project examines how and why England became a Protestant, post-Reformation nation: how English men and women reacted to the enormous social, political and religious rifts opened by the Reformation and why the Church was able to reintegrate itself into a changing English society. 

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