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2017 - present                 University of Alabama, Assistant Professor of British History
2015 - 2017.                    Keble College, University of Oxford, Early Career Development Fellow
                                                        in Renaissance History
2014 - 2015                     Clark University, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of History
2009 - 2014                     Yale University, Teaching Fellow


2014                                  Yale University, Ph.D., Department of History
2007                                  University of Cambridge, M.Phil. in Early Modern History
2004                                  Yale University, B.A. in Renaissance Studies


A New World in the East End: A Changing London, 1580-1630.  (in research and draft)

A People's Reformation: Building the English Church in the Elizabethan Parish. (MQUP, 2023)

Articles and Chapters
“Strangers in a Strange Land: Immigration and Identity in Elizabethan Norwich” (in preparation)


“Religious Cultures,” in The New Cambridge History of Britain, Volume III: 1500-1750, ed. Susan Amussen and Paul Monod. Cambridge University Press. (submitted, forthcoming 2024)


“A Soundscape Case Study: Pre-Reformation Lady Mass at the Vyne, Basingstoke.” With Matthew Tyler-Jones and Jeanice Brooks. Curator: the Museum Journal (July 2019)


‘Pensioners, Prisoners, and Pupils: Tudor Charity at Corpus Christi College,’ in Renaissance College: Corpus Christi College Oxford in Context, 1450-1600, ed. John Watts. Oxford University Press. (July 2019)


‘The Pious Politics of Godly Women in Post-Reformation England,’ in Germany and Britain in the Reformation: Comparison, Transfer, and Entanglements, ed. Frank-Lothar Kroll. (August 2018)


“Ecclesiastical Improvements, Lay Impropriations, and the Building of a Post-Reformation Church in England, 1560-1600.” The Historical Journal. (March 2015)


Invisible Agents: Women and Espionage in Seventeenth-Century England, Nadine Akkerman. Journal of British Studies (April 2019)


The Draining of the Fens: Projectors, Popular Politics, and State Building in Early Modern England, Eric H. Ash. Agricultural History 92, no. 4 (October 2018): 623-25.


Preserving on Paper: Seventeenth-Century Englishwomen’s Receipt Books, ed. Kristine Kowalchuk. The Sixteenth Century Journal 49, Issue 1 (April 2018): 304-6.


Jews in the Early Modern English Imagination: A Scattered Nation, Eva Johanna Holmberg. The Sixteenth Century Journal 44 (2013): 461-2.


Selected Conferences and Talks


“Immigration and Identity in the Norwich Court Records,” North American Conference on British Studies, 10-12 November.



“Ordering the Strangers: European Immigration in Elizabethan Norwich,” Southern Conference on British Studies/Southern Historical Association Meeting, 10 November.



“Britain in the World,” Moderator. North American Conference on British Studies, 13 November.


“Empire in the East End: Oligarchy, Industry, and the Transformation of London, 1580- 1620,” Montreal British History Seminar, 19 November.*


 “Contesting the Sacred Tenth: Tithe Litigation and Reconciliation in the Post-Reformation  Church,” North American Conference on British Studies, 12-15 November.



“Custom, Memory, and Legacy in the Elizabethan Parish Church,” Southern Conference on British Studies, 8-9 November. 


“Constructing Communities: the Politics of Pews in the Elizabethan Parish,” North East Conference on British Studies, 4-6 October.



“Conflict, National Policy, and the Shaping of Identity Memory,” Southern Conference on British Studies, 9-10 November. (Chair and comment)

“Compulsory Communities in the Post-Reformation Parish,” North American Conference on British Studies, 25-28 October. 

 “Petitioning and the Politics of Nation, Gender, and Empire,” North American Conference on British Studies, 25-28 October. (Chair and Comment)

 “Manifestations of Elite Status: Religious and Lay Elites between  Cloister and World,” Religious Life, Elites, and Medieval Culture Conference, University of Alabama 17-20 October.  (Chair and Comment)

“Myth, Propaganda, and Changing Technology in Elizabethan England,” Conference on Power and Struggle, University of Alabama, 9-10 November. (Chair and Comment)

London Bills of Mortality Symposium, 19-21 April. (Symposium participant)


"Budgeting the Build: Financing Parochial Transformation in the Elizabethan Church,"Sixteenth Century Society and Conference, 27-29 October.

"Pensioners, Prisoners, and Pupils: Charity at the Tudor University," Renaissance College: Corpus Christi College in Context, c. 1450-1600, 6-9 September.*

"Bonding the Strangers: Mass Immigration in East Anglia, 1560-1600," Immigration in Britain, 1300-1900, 21 April.



“Behaving Badly in the Elizabethan Parish,” The Reformation in the English Parish: Religious Renewal and Resistance, University of Oxford, 15 October.* 


“Funding the English Reformation: Economic Change and Social Ordering in the Elizabethan Church,” European Reformation Research Group Symposium, University of Newcastle, 14 September.


“The Pious Politics of Godly Women in Elizabethan England,” Conference on Deutschland und Großbritannienim Reformationsgeschehen: Vergleich, Transfer, Verflechtungen, Prince Albert Society, 2 Sept.*


“Reforming Churchwardens: Political Agency, Lay Governance, and Religious Discipline in the Elizabethan Parish,” Institute for Historical Research, 25 April.*


“Conformity and Communion in the Elizabethan Parish,” Early Modern British History Seminar, University of Oxford, 4 February.*



“Faces of Religious Reform: the Churchwardens of London, 1520-1680,” North American Conference on British Studies, 7-9 November.


“Governing the Parish: the Changing Role of the Churchwarden in Post-Reformation England,” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, 16-19 October.



“Chain of Command: the Elizabethan Episcopate in Context,” Sixteenth Century Society Conference,” 24-27 October.


 “Turning Towards the Church: Litigation, Reconciliation and the Ecclesiastical Courts, 1560-1600,” North Eastern Conference on British Studies, 4-5 October.



“Reforming the ‘Common Fame’: The Creation and Mediation of Public Opinion in the English Parish, 1560-1600,” North American Conference on British Studies, 9-11 November.


“Repairing the Church, Restoring the Parish: the Reconstruction of Church and Social Fabrics in England, 1560-1600,” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, 25-28 October.


“Weaving the Social Fabric: Communal and Religious Ideals in the English Parish, 1560- 1600,” Mid-Atlantic Conference on British Studies, 21-22 April.


“Shaping Orthodoxies: Church Visitations and the Paradox of Control in the Later English Reformation,”University of Alabama Graduate Student Conference on Power and Struggle, March 2-3.


* invited paper

Awards, Grants, and Honors

2022                UA-AAA Nominee for Outstanding Advisor of the Year 
2021                Division of Student Life, University of Alabama, EC Award

2019                Durham University Research Visiting Fellowship (postponed until 2022)

2018                College Academy for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Grant (UA)

2018                Folger Library, Grant-in-aid, London Bills of Mortality Symposium 
2017                Vyne Project: 
Association of Heritage Interpretation Overall Award for Excellent in Interpretation,                                               Museum and Historic Properties and Sites Award

2017                Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Public Engagement with Research, Oxford

2016                Keble College Small Research Grant, British Immigration Project

2014                Theron Rockwell Field Prize (University-wide award for best poetic, literary, or religious work by any  
                                      student enrolled at Yale University, $7,000)

2014                US Department of Education Title VI Grant (grantwriter for European Studies Department, $900,000)

2013                Graduate Student Assembly Conference Travel Fund Award

2012-13          William and Ruth Gaines Fellowship, Yale University

2011-12          Ellen Battell Eldridge Fellowship, Yale University

2010-11          Macmillan Center Dissertation Grant

2009                Beinecke Library Pre-Prospectus Summer Fellowship

2008                MacMillan Center Pre-Dissertation Research Grant through the Henry Hart Rice Fellowship

2008                Summer Language Institute Fellowship

2007                Foundation Scholarship, Jesus College, Cambridge

2004                Distinction in the Major of Renaissance Studies, Yale University 

2004                Wrexham Prize Nomination (best senior thesis in the humanities)


University of Alabama, 2017-present

Classes: Capstone Writing Seminar: History of London; England under the Stuarts; England under the Tudors; Graduate Historiography and Methods; Imagining England: Screen, Stage and Page (Summer Interim Class); Living in Tudor England (UA@Oxford Program); Reformation and Counter-Reformation; Western Civilization to 1648


In addition, numerous directed readings and directed student research (including advising undergraduate honors theses, MA theses, and PhD dissertations).


University of Oxford, 2015-2017

Classes: Approaches to History: Gender; Disciplines of History: Historiography; Studying History: Skills and Techniques


Tutorials: History of the British Isles IV: 1500-1700; History of the British Isles V: 1685-1830; Disciplines of History (Gender; Myth, Ritual, and Custom; Egodocuments: Biography and Autobiography; Political Ideas and Ideologies)


Lectures:  Battle of Lepanto and Early Modern Identities; Living the Reformation, 1560-1600; Marian Reformation: English Catholicism in the Reformed World


Clark University, 2014-2015

The British Empire; Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Europe, 1200-1900; Early Modern Britain, 1500-1750 Introduction to European History since 1500; London and Paris: the Making of the Modern City, 1200 to Present; Twentieth Century Britain


Yale University, Teaching Fellow, 2009-2014

Historical Theology: the Medieval Period (Denys Turner); Transitional Moments in Western Christianity, 200-1650 (Rona Johnston Gordon); European Civilization, 1648-1945 (John Merriman); Britain Since 1900 (Jay Winter); Early Modern England (Keith Wrightson); Reformation Europe, 1450-1650 (Bruce Gordon).


2022-               Undergraduate Studies Committee (anticipated), Department of History, UA

2021-               Campus Advisor, Marshall Scholarship

2021-               Development Committee, Department of History, UA

2020-               Chair, Communications Committee, Department of History, UA

2020-               Committee on External Fellowships and Scholarships, UA

                                    Subcommittees: Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, and Fulbright

2020                Arts and Sciences Mentorship Program, UA

2019-               Executive Council, Southern Conference on British Studies
                          Fulbright Scholarship Application Committee, UA

                          Pre-Law Faculty-Staff Collective, UA

                          Undergraduate Historical Society Advisor, Department of History, UA

                          University Fellows Experience, UA

2018-               Communications Committee, Department of History, UA

2018-21          Faculty Affairs Committee, Department of History, UA

                          Steering Committee, UA at Oxford Program                        

2016-17           History Faculty Undergraduate Studies Committee, Early Career Representative, Oxford

                           Steering Committee, Centre for Early Modern British and Irish History, Oxford     

                           Interim Head, Dartmouth Study Abroad Programme, Keble College, Oxford

2016                 Director of Studies, First-Year Students, Keble College, Oxford

2015-6             History Faculty Graduate Studies Committee, Early Career Representative, Oxford

2014                Early Modernists United, Clark University

2014                Grantwriter, Title VI FLAS Fellowship Program, European Studies Council, MacMillan Center, Yale

updated 5/19/22

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