Courses Taught

University of Alabama, 2017-

Western Civilization to 1648

England under the Tudors

England under the Stuarts

Reformation Europe

History of London

Historiography, Theory, and Methods

Keble College, University of Oxford, 2015-7

British History IV (1500-1700)

British History V (1685-1830)

Approaches to History: Gender and History

Disciplines of History

Clark University, 2014-2015

Introduction to European History, 1500-Present

Early Modern Britain

Christians, Jews, and Muslims in Europe, 1200-1900

British Empire

London and Paris: the Making of the Modern City, 1100-Present

20th Century British Cultural History (directed reading)


Yale University, 2009-2014 (as teaching fellow)

Historical Theology: the Medieval Period;

Denys Turner (Yale Divinity School)

Transitional Moments in Western Christianity, 200-1650; 

Rona Johnston Gordon (Yale Divinity School).

European Civilization, 1648-1945; John Merriman.

Britain Since 1900; Jay Winter.

Early Modern England; Keith Wrightson.

Reformation Europe, 1450-1650; Bruce Gordon.