Selected Conference Papers


"Budgeting the Build: Financing Parochial Transformation in the Elizabethan Church," Sixteenth Century Society and Conference, 27-29 October.

"Pensioners, Prisoners, and Pupils: Charity at the Tudor University," Renaissance College: Corpus Christi College in Context, c. 1450-1600, 6-9 September.

"Bonding the Strangers: Mass Immigration in East Anglia, 1560-1600," Immigration in Britain, 1300-1900, 21 April.


"Funding the English Reformation: Economic Change and Social Ordering in the Elizabethan Church," European Reformation Research Group, September 13.

"The Pious Politics of Godly Women in Elizabethan England," Deutschland und Großbritannien im Reformationsgeschehen, Coburg, September 1-3.

"Reforming Churchwardens: Political Agency, Lay Governance, and Religious Discipline in the Elizabethan Parish," Institute for Historical Research, April 25.


"Conformity and Communion in the Elizabethan Parish," Oxford Early Modern Britain Seminar Series, February 4.


“Faces of Religious Reform: the Churchwardens of London, 1520-1680,” North American Conference on British Studies, November 7-9.

“Governing the Parish: the Changing Role of the Churchwarden in Post-Reformation England,” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, October 16-19.



“Chain of Command: the Elizabethan Episcopate in Context,” Sixteenth Century Society Conference,” October 24-27.

“Turning Towards the Church: Litigation, Reconciliation and the Ecclesiastical Courts, 1560-1600,” North Eastern Conference on British Studies, October 4-5.



“Reforming the ‘Common Fame’: The Creation and Mediation of Public Opinion in the English Parish, 1560-1600,” North American Conference on British Studies, November 9-11.

“Repairing the Church, Restoring the Parish: the Reconstruction of Church and Social Fabrics in England, 1560-1600,” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, October 25-28.     

“Weaving the Social Fabric: Communal and Religious Ideals in the English Parish, 1560-1600,” Mid-Atlantic Conference on British Studies, April 21-22.